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I’m Thankful for my brothers & sisters

I'm Thankful for my brothers & sisters

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to my sister Melissa!

Even though it’s my sister’s birthday today it made me think of how blessed I truly am to have the brothers and sisters that I have. So on this 3rd day of #30DaysofPraise I am thankful for my brothers and sisters.

There are 6 of us “Ross” kids and each one of us are so different yet so alike. (I guess we have to be, we came from the same parents and household)

On this post I’m going to share one of my favorite memories I have with each of my brothers and sisters and I’ll do it in the order of their births.

My sister Melissa –

Favorite Memory: Melissa is 7 yrs. older than me and so full of wisdom. She was engaged to this surfer dude named Mike that I loved, adored and looked up to. Until one day all of a sudden they broke up and she started dating this other guy named William. Well let’s just say that at 13 yrs. old I had  a very bad attitude towards this new guy and I gave my sister and William a really hard time. Melissa must have known I was struggling so she took me with her on a road trip to visit my Grandma in NJ. It was just her and I. I’ll never forget driving down the road with this care bear that William had given her, positioned inside the steering wheel. She was so happy and after hearing her talk about William I figured I’d have to give him a chance. After all, anyone that made my sister that happy couldn’t be all that bad. 😉

They are still married and expecting their first Grand baby, my great-niece or nephew in June 2013. Oh and I have come to love and adore my brother William so much more than I could ever imagine. :)

My sister Rhonda –

Favorite Memory:  Rhonda is the sister that no matter what is going on around her she will find or do something to make herself and all of us laugh. There is actually 2 memories that stick out in my mind when it comes to my sister Rhonda. She is 5 1/2 yrs. older than me and we are both sun bunnies. Give us the sand, ocean and sun and we are in heaven. Well Rhonda always laid out in our backyard when she was a teenager and as her little sister I loved being outside with her while the music was cranked up and we’d just lay there and get our tan on. She never shooed me away even when her friends would be there with her. The other memory is after I was married and had my son she came to visit my mom in Maryland and I came over. It was snowing and we took a sled, tied it to the back of a truck and rode that sled on the icy road…until we ran into a tree. LOL

We laughed so hard that night. After freezing our butts off we all came inside and snuggled up near the fire.

My brother Ray

Favorite Memory: Ray, who is named after our father, was the one that could get up under your skin but was always there for you whenever you needed him… no matter the time, cost or energy it might take. My favorite memory of him actually happened in the summer of 2011. I came up to Virginia to visit Rhonda, Ray and my son Shane. My brother Ray knew all I wanted to do was go see the house I was raised in from 5 – 15 yrs. old and eat at Anna’s Pizza, a local pizza shop that makes the best pizza. He came over, picked me and my daughter MaKayla up and we went exploring for hours that day. He didn’t have to do it, but I know deep down he wanted to reminisce just as much as I did.

I lost my brother Ray to cancer on my birthday this year and some days I miss him so much. But I know he is with our Mom walking along the streets of gold. I’m just so thankful I was able to spend that hot June day with him and go back to our childhood.

My sister Angela –

Favorite Memory: When Angela was younger she battled a thyroid problem that we didn’t know about until I was I think a senior in high school that made her tired all the time. So my favorite and most cherished memory of her has been these past few years when I get to visit with her and my niece and nephews. I thoroughly enjoy sitting out on her patio, drinking coffee and it just being the two of us. We reminisce about High School, about growing up in VA, about life, God, our faith, kids, teenagers and all sorts of stuff. My sister Angela is a giver and would give you the shirt off her back. I remember one Christmas she made each of us a beautiful poem along with a picture that I still have to this day. It was beautifully and thoughtfully done and I knew then that she has a heart of gold.


My brother Ben –

Favorite Memory: Ben is 3 1/2 years younger than I am and is the baby of the family. He usually has everyone in stitches because he is a hoot but this particular memory he was in no mood for laughter. I was married and out of the house but mom and dad had to go out-of-town and Ben and Angela were still in school so I came over to stay with them. Well it just so happened that Ben had the worse case of Poison Ivy that basically covered his entire body, even his face. Well his nose was running and itching and he couldn’t wipe it because the sores were so bad on his arms so I sat there with Qtips and picked his boogers for him. LOL
I have no idea why this would be a favorite memory. Maybe because when you are needed and you’re able to fill that need it makes you feel good about yourself. I do remember having such compassion for my brother and a love for him that I knew if anyone ever did anything to my baby brother I would murder them. Now don’t judge me, at that time I was a back slider and allowed my thoughts to go where they wanted to. :)

So there you have it. There are so many more great memories of my brothers and sisters and I cherish every one of them. I know a lot of people who never had a brother or sister, or had horrible relationships with them so I don’t take for granted what I have that is for sure.

So what are your favorite memories of your loved ones?


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