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Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake
I LOVE Pinterest!!!

Since I have always been a visual person this site completely does it for me. If I see something that attracts my eye I’m able to click on the image, pin it to a board and find out how to make it, buy it or just go back to a quote I pinned and read it.

Well I showed my daughter a picture of this rainbow cake and today she decided she wanted to try it herself. After running to the store and purchasing food coloring she made it and I have to say it turned out pretty darn cool.

I didn’t take an actual picture of exactly how to make this cake but you can find the image right here if you are visual like me!

Basically you either make a cake from scratch or grab a boxed cake mix (which is what we did) and make it like you normally would. Then you separate it into as many different colors as you want, put food coloring in each of these separated bowls, fill up 2 round pans, bake and frost as you wish.

You can see my daughter’s finished cake above.

Of course she took it a step further and did a wild design with the frosting… those teenagers. lol

Now if you have a daughter, or daughters like I do, that love to bake, decorate and create new things, then I highly suggest Amy Atlas’s book Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It. This book is full of recipes, resource guides, and DIYs for anyone that need to get their juices flowing. Not to mention full color image after image that will give you amazing ideas of different dessert table themes if you are looking into DIY parties.


Are you on Pinterest? If not head over there right now and sign yourself up for it! You’ll thank me later…or maybe not because you might become addicted to it. :)

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