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Who Cried for the Little Boy Book Review

Who Cried for the Little Boy Book Review
DESCRIPTION: Ellen Huntington was a happily married mother of two when 17-year-old Josh entered her life. As Ellen deals with Josh’s past issues of abandonment, abuse and dysfunction, she digs deep into her faith to survive in an unfamiliar world. After all the heart wrenching struggles Ellen and Josh endured, is Ellen’s unconditional love enough or will Josh give up it all?

When I purchased this book I was really thinking about a dear friend of mine that is about to embark on a new journey in her life. Her and her husband, after raising two boys of their own, are becoming foster parents this month (January 2013) so I thought maybe this book could really minister to her.

Well, of course after reading the description I couldn’t pass it on before I read it myself.  :)

MY REVIEW: You know what I loved most about this book? The complete transparency that Ellen Huntington shows through out it. There is no sugar-coating in this book. It is raw emotion that leaps off the page and makes you feel like you are living it with her. Unlike other books where you feel like the author is talking at you, Ellen unveils her story as if she were sitting right in front of you and sharing it with you.

Ellen walks you through the highs and lows, the hopes and fears, the trials and triumphs of being first Josh’s mentor, then his mother. This book opened my eyes even further to the fact that so many of our youth are walking around in torment seeking and longing for someone just to love them and that is exactly what Ellen did so unselfishly for Josh…she loved him right where he was at.

Once Josh was able to open up about one particular memory he had at the age of 4 yrs. old it seemed like the memories for Josh came rushing in like a damn had broken. My heart just broke for him and I can honestly say that I cried for this little boy. :'( From counselor visits, sleepless nights, comforting, consoling and crying out to God Ellen shows what it means to love unconditionally.

One other thing that I really appreciated about this book is that it intermingled the thoughts, feelings and struggles that her husband,  two son’s and close friends went through as well. I have always wondered, when reading other people’s testimony, how the family coped with everything. You hear the authors side of what was going on but you never get to peek into the lives of those it affected as well. This book gives you that glimpse into the lives of those that walked with Ellen and Josh throughout this journey.

Unlike movies that have an ending, this book is still in the process of writing its own ending. I pray that through God’s love, mercy and grace Josh would finally be set free from the tormenting spirits that have haunted him for far to long and that one day Josh will be able to write the ending to this story!

If you are called to mentor teenagers, become a foster parent, adopt a child or even have children of your own, you don’t want to pass up reading this book. It will inspire you and give you hope.

For more information about the author Ellen Huntington visit her site here:


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